Practice Notes: Family

Immigration issues for family lawyers

Matthew Cranton explores common immigration issues for family lawyers and provides tips on handling

14 Mar 2022

We want prenup! (Do we?)

Jemma Wentworth looks at the conditions of a prenuptial agreement

06 Feb 2022

The court system is dead – long live what exactly?

Karin Walker explores out of court dispute resolution measures for family disputes

01 Feb 2022

Divorce rates drop

But do the statistics reflect post-pandemic reality?

01 Feb 2022

Mortgage over marriage?

Amanda Phillips-Wyld and Emily Beven examine changes to marriage as a legal and social institution

31 Jan 2022

Government announces further £1.3m investment in family mediation voucher scheme

Investment in the scheme has tripled since its inception in March 2021

18 Jan 2022

Relocation of children from England to Scotland or Northern Ireland

Fiona Wilson looks at issues to consider when a client wishes to move children from England to

07 Jan 2022

Confidence and confidentiality: Transparency in the Family Court

Marwa Hadi-Barnes explores the complexities of opening up the Family Court

04 Jan 2022

Advising those with vulnerable relatives

Lynne Bradey and Isabel McIver give practical advice tips for trustees and their

11 Dec 2021

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