Practice Notes: Family

Narcissism and Family Law: What dispute resolution practitioners should know

Karin Walker discusses how family law practitioners can approach and mediate a relationship with a narcissist.

08 Nov 2021

Fletcher Day family initiative

The project aims to help families better understand confusing legal terms 

04 Nov 2021

Sweeping transparency reforms proposed for the family courts

The profession has expressed concern about the role social media may play in the reporting of family cases

02 Nov 2021

Controlling or coercive behaviour in an intimate relationship

Anthony Burton and Mark Soames examine how controlling and coercive behaviour may be prosecuted as non-sexual abuse in a relationship

22 Oct 2021

New approaches to separation: Uncouple

While considering the difficulties of traditional divorce routes, Claire Blakemore proposes ‘Uncouple’ as a new alternative.

04 Oct 2021

Splitting the difference?: Pension inequality in divorce

Debora Price conducts new research into the inequalities of pensions when couples divorce

02 Oct 2021

Family court statistics

Increase in family court cases fuels concern over delays

30 Sep 2021

Childhood injuries, parental conduct, and the law

Jemma Barnard explores when a child can claim negligence against their parent.

13 Sep 2021

Family matters are taxing

Doug Shanks, John Handley, and Jessica May discuss the tax implications of divorce

05 Sep 2021

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