Practice Notes: Family

Divorce: the new vintage

Phoebe Pexton considers wine as an asset in marital property

30 Nov 2022

Women’s Health Strategy: only the beginning

Gemma Davison reviews recent the public policy purview on women

30 Nov 2022

UK expats and divorce in the UAE

Natalie Sutherland considers private international law and divorce

29 Nov 2022

Twas the night before Christmas: child contact arrangements over the festive period

Karin Walker considers Christmas child contact arrangements amid an overstretched court system.

15 Nov 2022

Australia: legislative reform in family provision claims

Imogen de Haro reviews new changes and restrictions over family provision claims in New South Wales

11 Nov 2022

Family law: cost-of-living crisis or cost-of-loving crisis?

Shanika Haynes assesses the impact of inflation on family relationships

25 Oct 2022

Domestic abuse: coercive and controlling behaviour

Antonia Mee and Peter Burgess summarise Burgess Mee’s latest seminar

23 Oct 2022

Joint divorces: a false dawn or a new frontier?

Peter Burgess and Shaili Desai evaluate no-fault divorce

21 Oct 2022

Making child maintenance work when costs are rising

Simon Donald considers child support in a cost-of-living crisis

20 Oct 2022

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