Practice Notes: Family

A new direction for modern family law?

Sacha Lee considers Re Ms L and Re Ms M (declaration of parentage) [2022] EWFC 38

05 Jul 2022

Trauma-informed family law practice

Carrie Laws considers how compassion can change client outcomes

05 Jul 2022

Equality in same sex marriage annulment?

Joanna Abrahams considers equality upon nullity in same sex marriage

03 Jul 2022

Quarterly statistics suggest family law court system still plagued by backlogs and delays

The introduction of ‘no-fault’ divorce had led to a “bulge” in cases

30 Jun 2022

The times they are a'changing: civil procedure reform

Tony Guise considers the effects of the Judicial Review and Courts Act 2021 on litigation

26 Jun 2022

K v K [2022] EWCA Civ 468: MIAMs, abuse and the Family Court

Sacha Lee considers precedent on Re H-N [2021] EWCA Civ 448 and beyond…

26 Jun 2022

Can a will be valid if not found?

Guy Platon looks at a recent high court case in which a holistic approach was taken by the judge

22 Jun 2022

Supporting autistic children in the Family Court

Emma Hubbard reviews assistance for neurodiverse children in family proceedings

20 Jun 2022

Ensuring client care after adverse outcomes

Jessica Everett on management of clients’ needs and expectations if you lose

19 Jun 2022

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