Lord Wilson: Prenups ‘may need further attention’

Contrasting views from Radmacher and Law Commission underline need for governmen

22 Mar 2017

Lords: Government must address uncertainty over judicial reciprocity

Peers highlight need for new arrangements to protect families an

20 Mar 2017

Government plans for domestic abuse victims a ‘bizarre dichotomy’

Spring Budget pledge comes weeks after proposals to cut fees paid to criminal cour

08 Mar 2017

How to cope with a narcissist in the family justice system

Kara Swift advises solicitors to remain focused, factual, fair, and firm when helping clients deal with a narcissistic forme

07 Mar 2017

Vulnerable family law clients facing debt to access legal advice

SRA report finds consumers struggle to make informed choices abou

02 Mar 2017

Spousal maintenance: A ‘meal ticket’ for life?

A recent Court of Appeal decision bucks the trend on maintenance provision, says Ronni

28 Feb 2017

Time for action

Despite the recent Court of Appeal judgment, it is clear the ban on opposite-sex civil partnerships cannot continue indefinitely, writes Maev

24 Feb 2017

‘Long overdue’ reforms will protect vulnerable parties in family court

Cross-examination proposals must ensure a fair trial, say

23 Feb 2017

Prisons and Courts Bill allows judges to ‘focus on cases that matter’

Victims and the vulnerable at centre of court changes with justice secretary accountable for reformin

23 Feb 2017