Momentum for change in family mediation

A combination of mediation with legal advice would be an attractive offering for many clients, writes Kare

Why delay in financial remedy cases?

District Judge Nigel Law is frustrated by the failure of solicitors to agree the value of properties owned by separating families before the firs

The legacy of Owens v Owens

Owens reminds us that our present divorce law is out of date – and even the proposed reforms would not go far enough in some cases, writes Julia

‘Genius’ claim gets short shrift in divorce fight

Tag should be reserved only for ‘exceptional’ talent like Mozart and Einstein, say

Securing transparency and trust

The risk of jigsaw identification is but one aspect of the family court reporting puzzle, writes Jean-Yve

Patience is a virtue

There is no secret recipe to getting reform proposals through government, but solicitors can play a major role, explains Professor Nick Hopkins, law commissioner for property, family, and trus

The antediluvian state of divorce law

The unusual case of Owens v Owens only strengthens the arguments for reform, writes Pipp