Practice Notes: Family

Countdown to change

It is essential for conveyancing firms to respond to new challenges by taking action, not waiting to see what eventually happens, says Fiona Gregor

15 Jun 2007

Update: family law

Liz Dronfield and Sophie Barrett discuss the latest in family law including residential assessment, guardianship, immigration and the Australian experience

01 Jun 2007

English divorce law: the golden goose?

There is no better system than the English model for resolving matrimonial finance disputes, argues Mile

01 Jun 2007

Come together

Kate Fleming provides practical insights into getting the most out of clien

01 Jun 2007

Update: employment

Sue Ashtiany rounds up recent developments in sex discrimination, sick pay policy, equal treatment and disciplinar

18 May 2007

Update: wills, probate and trusts

By Catherine McAleavey and Catherin

11 May 2007

Defending killing

Laurie Toczek considers the distinction between provocation an

11 May 2007

Stubbing out

In the first of two articles, Michael Salter and Chris Bryden examine the forthcoming Health Act 2006 and its potential consquences for smokers an

04 May 2007

Access to justice

The ‘compensation culture’ is a myth perpetuated by Parliament and we are all paying for it, says Michael Tennan

27 Apr 2007

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