Practice Notes: Family

‘No fault divorce’: a change for the better?

Karin Walker weights the procs and cons of the no fault divorce law

12 May 2022

Legal age for marriage and civil partnerships raised to 18

The rules will also apply to unofficial cultural or religious marriages

27 Apr 2022

No-fault divorce: Domestic abuse victims receive lifeline

Rachel Fisher argues the new reforms in divorce laws are a much-needed change

19 Apr 2022

Under my roof: cohabitation and couples’ rights

Claire Chisnall explores legal principles and protections for couples choosing to cohabit.

14 Apr 2022

‘No fault’ divorce is here: but is it good news for the family lawyers?

Legal experts have warned that applications may surge and overwhelm lawyers and the courts

06 Apr 2022

‘Running down the clock’: divorce rates drop – but are couples simply waiting for 6 April?

Quarterly family law court statistics also revealed case backlogs persist

01 Apr 2022

Outdoor civil weddings and civil partnerships to be made permanent

Temporary measures brought in during the pandemic will be made permanent on 6 April

15 Mar 2022

Immigration issues for family lawyers

Matthew Cranton explores common immigration issues for family lawyers and provides tips on handling them

14 Mar 2022

We want prenup! (Do we?)

Jemma Wentworth looks at the conditions of a prenuptial agreement

06 Feb 2022

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