Legal Practice for Solicitors and Lawyers: Divorce

Divorcing couples opt for fixed fees

Nearly two-thirds of couples divorcing or dissolving a civil partnership now pay fixed fees – but final legal fees for many were higher than expected

27 Sep 2019

On the farm

Farming divorces typically involve complex business ownership structures and require special care, as Laura Marti

26 Sep 2019

Online divorce petitions: a cry for help?

A smaller number of online divorces proceed to a final divorce decree absolute than paper petitions, according to recent figures from the Ministry of Justi

05 Sep 2019

Lawyer struck off for unregulated divorce practice

A family lawyer has been struck off after creating an unregulated online divorce service in order to avoid sharing the revenues with hi

28 Aug 2019

How to beat endless court delays

Vanessa Asante encourages divorce lawyers to consider practical steps to avoid cour

22 Aug 2019


No-fault divorces will sap the foundations of the traditional meaning of marriage, argues Charles Chatterjee

01 Aug 2019

Divorce after Owens: no-fault and online

Modern technology and a high-profile divorce case have triggered long-overdue changes in divorce law and process, explains Nicol

23 Jul 2019

Facing pressure from clients

A conflict can easily arise when acting for both parties who reach an amicable agreement on separation, but solicitors must think ethically, says Men

17 Jul 2019

The only way is up

Following a disappointing performance by divorce centres, Pippa Allsop assesses the potential of the online divorc

17 Jul 2019

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