Practice Notes: Family

Major law firms join employee divorce support initiative

A survey revealed family breakdown can have a negative impact on workplace performance

25 Jan 2023

DIY divorce: gone too far

Tracey O’Dwyer looks at the role of lawyers in divorce today

20 Jan 2023

Family law: causes of rising divorces

Annabel Andreou and Nirali Adhia assess the reasons behind a stark rise in divorce cases

13 Jan 2023

‘No fault’ divorce: couples unaware

The news in 60 seconds

10 Jan 2023

Spousal inheritance shares upon divorce

Julia Cluley considers if spouses can be prevented from claiming inheritance on divorce

09 Jan 2023

Health Secretary and Health Security Agency to be sued by families over care home covid deaths

Families whose loved ones died in care homes during the covid 19 pandemic are preparing legal

27 Dec 2022

DIY divorces and the importance of a financial order

Victoria Emens explores steps for a divorcing couple achieving a financial settlement to

18 Dec 2022

Family court statistics reveal significant backlogs persist

Family law solicitors report numbers of litigants in person remain high

16 Dec 2022

Hands, face, alcohol trace: hair dye, hand sanitiser and forensic tests

Chaynee Hodgetts scrutinises the risk of false positive alcohol metabolite testing results

13 Dec 2022

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