Expert witness

Helping people to help themselves

Assistive technology has a key role to play in the rehabilitation of victims, says Paul Doyle, but such solutions need to be more than an afterthought in personal injur

06 Jul 2015

Learning from the Sally Clark case

Peter Feldschreiber and Carl Peck discuss what can be done to prevent future miscarriages of justice in cases of sudden infant deat

06 Jul 2015

Making the most of your expert

Richard Formby considers how to save costs and optimise the quantum expert's join

06 Jul 2015

Employee poaching: Taking control of data breaching

Phil Beckett explains how firms can reduce the likelihood of confidential information following employees out of th

06 Jul 2015

Piloting progress in family proceedings

Kevin Gibbs discusses the impact of a pilot scheme for the provision of DNA testing on children in private family la

06 Jul 2015

Defects in building fire safety

Mostyn Bullock considers the decline in building standards and asks what the industry can do to stop th

06 Jul 2015

Common ground

Reforms and fee cuts have led to tensions between expert witnesses and solicitors, but both professions are united in deploring the impact on access to justice, says Mar

06 Jul 2015

Robust opinions need robust reasoning: 15 medico-legal postulates

Dr Hugh Koch sets out the key principles underpinning the assessment methods employed by medico-legal exper

06 May 2015

Getting the best from your expert

Nurture your relationships with expert witnesses in order to get their best work and save you both time and money, advises Michae

05 May 2015