Expert witness

Explaining chronic pain following soft tissue injury

Legal practitioners should be aware of the relationships between trauma, pain, and the mind in injuries such as whiplash or low back strain, writes Chri

16 Feb 2016

Single joint experts: A new dawn?

Richard Formby considers the pros and cons of using single experts on quantum matters and asks whether appetite for their use with injury claims wil

16 Feb 2016

The rising demand of care applications

As the number of care cases continues to increase, Kevin Gibbs looks at the possible reasons and considers how the wider family justice system ca

16 Feb 2016

Experts need court skills as well as technical expertise

Dr John Fletcher and Michael Williams advise expert witnesses to consider their practice in terms of their duties to the court and the presentation of thei

16 Feb 2016

Current trends for expert witnesses

The use of retired experts and the introduction of randomised selection through the MedCo portal are just some of the issues currently concerning expert witnesses, says Mar

16 Feb 2016

Expert Witness Supplement Spring 2016

SJ's dedicated supplement covering the work of expert witnesses is now available to vie

16 Feb 2016

Therapeutic jurisprudence and total quality management

Dr Hugh Koch, Professor Christian Diesen, Dr Tom Boyd, and Nicole Hampton explain how the behavioural sciences can assist in developing a 21st-century agenda for the UK justic

25 Jan 2016

Preparation of an expert is expert preparation

In SJ 159/17, former dental expert witness Michael Young gave excellent advice on nurturing relationships between solicitors and expert witnesses through teamwork and communication, in his articl

08 Sep 2015

What did the GP say? Making sense of a claimant’s self-report about care receive

Drs Hugh Koch, Faye Fraser, Chris Harrop, and Elizabeth Boyd discuss the importance of careful analysis of GP records in forming a robust exper

24 Aug 2015