Practice Notes: Expert witness

Driving a hard bargain

Proposed plea bargaining powers would have important ramifications for both prosecutors and defenders in complex financial crime cases, says Steve

26 May 2009

Lessons in life

Practitioners are frustrated that it is becoming harder for children and parents to access legal advice in education disputes, as Jenny Ramag

05 May 2009

Update: insolvency

David Archer discusses the rise of ‘pre-pack’ administration sales, the application of TUPE to insolvent companies, a rare misfeasance case, the applicatio

17 Feb 2009

Don’t bank on a bonus

Lawyers should prepare for a hard-fought battle over bonuses for investment bank employees who have been made redundant, says Jonatha

16 Dec 2008

Back to basics on confiscation

Recent House of Lords’ decisions have reminded prosecutors to focus on factual evidence rather than statutory assumptions, says Davi

08 Jul 2008

Life in crime

David Rhodes discusses the fallibility of ear-print evidence as shown in R

08 Jul 2008

Another 48 hours?

The police took the money but lost the permission application. Will they be given another 48 hours? Elliott Gold explains police powers to sieze and hold

06 May 2008

Update: personal injury and clinical negligence

Vijay Ganapathy discusses recent rulings on limitation and dependancy duties, while Jock MacKenzie reviews cases involving exper

22 Apr 2008

Better actions

Pre-action protocols are an effective tool to avoid litigation, but they are under-used says District Judge Rober

21 Dec 2007

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