Practice Notes: Expert witness

Taking a gamble

The decision to uphold national legislation restricting internet gambling to a national monopoly is not consistent with the ideals of a single market, says

15 Sep 2009

All will be revealed

When is disclosing information about prosecution witnesses’ previous convictions justified, asks Davi

08 Sep 2009

Court of Appeal ruling moves pre-nups in position of “greater magnetic force”

The Court of Appeal has reduced a £5.8m divorce pay-out by a German heiress to her former husband to a lump sum about a fifth of the original award, in a d

07 Jul 2009

Staying on the right side

Tony Guise discusses how solicitors can manage referrals properly to avoid the wrath of th

07 Jul 2009

Pick and choose

The level of damages awarded in spinal injury claims is high and is increasing rapidly, but these figures can only be achieved by selecting the right exper

30 Jun 2009

Medical attention

With the number of experts willing to take on medico-legal work falling, and those that do failing to keep up to date with their area of expertise, solicit

16 Jun 2009

East Anglia: all change

Despite escaping the worst effects of the downturn, changes in the legal and economic climate have encouraged East Anglia firms to review their strategies

16 Jun 2009

Taking cover

Premiums might go up, or they might not, but either way solicitors would benefit from putting in early and properly presented applications to their indemni

09 Jun 2009

Trivial pursuit

With wider protection available to whistleblowers, employees’ concerns about environmental damage should not be disregarded as too trivial, says Danie

26 May 2009

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