Practice Notes: Expert witness

Tweeting for lawyers – part two

So, you know what Twitter is and what it can do for businesses, and have decided that it is right for your firm. But what’s next? In the second of her two-

22 Dec 2009

Bring your own

New rules on expert witnesses encourage the use of just one witness but it may remain in the client’s best interests to call in a separate expert, argues C

17 Nov 2009

No more hired guns

Most of the latest changes to the Civil Procedure Rules describe practices that those who use experts should already carry out, but practitioners will find

27 Oct 2009

Update: construction

Anna Stillman discusses the latest amendments to the Civil Procedure Rules in relation to expert evidence, set-off between two adjudicators' decisions, the

27 Oct 2009

The right direction?

The recent case of the young woman who refused treatment after fatally poisoning herself should be regarded as a sign of respect for patients' autonomy, sa

20 Oct 2009

Be my witness

The latest amendments to the Civil Procedure Rules will improve the rules on expert witnesses and new automatic orders will reduce the workload of district

20 Oct 2009

Hunt calls for further separation between representation and regulation at Law Society

Lord Hunt, the Conservative peer and Beachcroft consultant commissioned by the Law Society to undertake a review of the regulation of legal services, has c

13 Oct 2009

DPP to personally review all assisted suicide cases under new policy

The Director of Public Prosecutions will be personally involved in the assessment of assisted-suicide cases to ensure consistency in the application of new

29 Sep 2009

Leading the way

Firms should embrace the LDP model and recognise the benefits of bringing in non-lawyer professionals with the right skills and knowledge to manage a busin

15 Sep 2009

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