Practice Notes: Expert witness

Trust the experts

Recent judgments containing damning criticism of expert evidence provide a useful reminder of the

02 Aug 2017

Collaboration and cooperation with experts

Martin Spencer QC describes some of the significant issues currently facing experts, including the

11 Jul 2017

No time to waste or delay

District Judge Glennis Corkill discusses the current trend of noise-induced hearing loss cases and

10 Jan 2017

How sure is sure?

We need a more rigorous definition of ‘beyond reasonable doubt', argues Clive Staffor

10 Nov 2016

Book review: Writing Medico-Legal Reports in Civil Claims

Alec Samuels reviews the ‘impressive' textbook that he says would benefit lawyers with its

07 Nov 2016

Advising sophisticated clients revisited

The decision in Healey suggests once again that the courts are prepared to consider the scope of

29 Jul 2016

Video as an effective tool in major PI cases

A 'Day in the Life' video can show clearly the extent of the impact of an injury on the

21 Jun 2016

Expert quantum evidence in a world of fixed costs

A fixed costs regime without suitable fail-safes in place for the provision of expert evidence

21 Jun 2016

Setting a 21st-century agenda for the justice system

Dr Hugh Koch, Professor Christian Diesen, Dr Tom Boyd, and Nicole Hampton discuss the use of

21 Jun 2016

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