Practice Notes: Expert witness

Supreme Court backs "strict approach" to compulsory purchase

The Supreme Court has decided, by a majority of four to three, that a “strict approach” should be taken to the rules allowing councils to make compulsor

12 May 2010

A fragile mind

For all the advances in forensic science, expert and surveillance evidence (for which see ‘Behind bars’ passim, and without doubt futurim) the majority of

27 Apr 2010

New government to decide on haemophiliac compensation

A High Court judge has extended the deadline for an appeal against his judgment on compensation for haemophiliacs and others infected by contaminated blood

20 Apr 2010

Open communications

When preparing for an inquest, practitioners should communicate promptly and openly with the coroner to determine which documents can be requested for disc

20 Apr 2010

Team effort

A carefully-managed relationship between solicitor and expert witness is crucial to structure a successful case, says Jerem

23 Mar 2010

Calling the experts

Expert witness immunity could soon be removed, creating a new field of professional negligence; but are there any public policy reasons for retaining it? A

16 Mar 2010

Müller wins Supreme Court battle over yoghurt packaging machine

European food producer Müller has won a battle over the contract for a yoghurt packaging machine it bought for its dairy i

11 Mar 2010

Tried and tested

Experts are likely to be used more regularly in health and safety cases, but the quality of so-called ‘consultants’ must be thoroughly tested to ensure the

23 Feb 2010

On the money

Forensic accountants can play a valuable role in cases involving financial settlement, but practitioners must ensure they are used correctly to avoid poten

23 Feb 2010

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