Practice Notes: Expert witness

Civil service

While forensic accountants often work on high-profile fraud investigations, their skills can also be used in a wide range of civil actions, say James Stanb

29 Jun 2010

Let's get digital

Digital evidence can play an important role in non-computer based crime, says Andrew Frowe

29 Jun 2010

Good hair day

Hair analysis is reliable and cost-effective, and can provide vital evidence in a range of cases, but it is important that it is done correctly by the righ

29 Jun 2010

End of the road?

Expert witnesses are protected from being sued for anything they say in court, but a recent case could bring an end to this immunity, say Mark Solon and Ju

29 Jun 2010

Hair today

Hair testing for drugs and alcohol has significantly evolved and improved in recent years, and is proving particularly useful in family cases, says Av

29 Jun 2010

New balls, please

The recent newspaper victory in a libel action brought by a tennis player has demonstrated the need for judges to take a stand against inappropriate defama

18 May 2010

Happy families

Family law reform featured high in the Conservative manifesto, along with tax reform, civil litigation costs and referral fees. Our regulars review the sit

18 May 2010

Loathe thy neighbour

Boundary disputes between neighbours should be kept out of the courts – practitioners have a duty to warn clients of the potentially costly consequences an

18 May 2010

Supreme Court backs "strict approach" to compulsory purchase

The Supreme Court has decided, by a majority of four to three, that a “strict approach” should be taken to the rules allowing councils to make compulsor

18 May 2010

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