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What Magna Carta legacy?

It took this government less than 12 months to wipe out 800 years of progress since the Magna Carta. So much for celebrating the rule of law, says Ker

06 Mar 2014

Whistleblowing consultation should tackle unjustified restrictions

The government's consultation is the opportunity to address key shortfalls in the current law, says Employment Lawyers Association whistleblowing

25 Nov 2013

Silent witness

Vulnerable witnesses do not have to give oral evidence to employment tribunals, the Court of Appeal has ruled. 
Its guidance on correct procedure shou

16 Aug 2013

Council cannot rely on judicial proceedings immunity

Allegation of 'undue pressure' on witness in discrimination claim can g

29 Jul 2013

High Court rejects tribunal fees judicial review

Oral hearing set for Monday as claimants rush to bea

24 Jul 2013

Testing times on the horizon

Fees remission changes pose a challenging test for both litigants and 
employment lawyers, says Michae

07 Jun 2013

Update | Employment: whistleblowing, early conciliation and fees for bringing cl

Stephen Levinson considers changes to whistleblowing, early conciliation and fees for bringing claims and transfers o

07 Jun 2013

Tribunal roulette: new rules on fees for employment tribunals are just a money s

The new rules on fees for employment tribunals expected ?to come into force at the end of July are just a money ?spinner, says Phili

24 May 2013

Delivering on parental rights

Jo McCarthy looks at changes coming into effect for parents in 2015 and asks whether it will leave employers needing postnata

08 Mar 2013