Tribunals & Courts

MoJ ‘fiddling while Rome burns’ with extended court hours pilot

‘It is hard enough to juggle work and home without evening sittings,’ say

11 May 2017 | Crime

After effects of the asylum process

A recent decision provides a potential, albeit belated, remedy to appellants who have been through the detained fast-track system and lost, writes Richar

07 Mar 2017 | Tribunals & Courts

Questions of employment tribunal procedure

Snigdha Nag discusses procedural issues such as the employment tribunal’s approach to time limits and decisions regarding Acas earl

14 Feb 2017 | Employment

Law Society still wary of MoJ’s digital court reforms

Chancery Lane remains concerned over lack of safeguards for vulnerabl

FDACs face challenging future

Local stakeholders question whether problem-solving court provides value fo

02 Feb 2017 | Family

A mistake no lawyer should have made

The lessons of a case from 1917 are as relevant now as they were 100 years ago, writes Davi

31 Jan 2017 | Tribunals & Courts

Employment tribunal reform should be handled with care

Digitally excluded and vulnerable groups must be protected, sa

23 Jan 2017 | Employment

Civil standard of proof in solicitors tribunal a mere ‘Christmas list’

SDT maintains criminal standard appropriate even though proceedings ar

22 Dec 2016 | Regulators

Rebalancing the scales of justice

From shedding two-tier contracts to court closures and a dangerous drive towards securing convictions, 2016 has seen ups and downs for legal aid practition

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