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Justifying age discrimination
on grounds of cost

Regarding cost as a justification to age discrimination alongside ‘other factors’ involves unsatisfactory game playing for both employees and employers, says Deshpa

02 Nov 2012

Gender pay audits merely identify equal pay problems, not solve them

Public sector claimants will be able to bring equal pay cases before the High Court, but private sector claimants still face obstacles, says Darre

02 Nov 2012

Courts can hear equal pay claims, Supreme Court rules

Firm has thousands of cases as deadline increases from six months to si

24 Oct 2012

Update | Employment: Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill

Sue Ashtiany reviews the new procedures and compensation rules to be introduced by the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bil

22 Oct 2012

Playing it safe

New employment proposals are a step in the right direction but they don’t go far enough, suggests Ronni

17 Oct 2012

Concern over extended role for ‘legal officers’

BIS wants them to take on case management at employment tribunal

02 Oct 2012

Enterprise bill ‘laying traps’ for both employees and employers

Proposed rules will make previous disciplinary procedures ‘look like

22 Jun 2012

Stealth tactics: making unfair dismissal worthless

Having found that it could not politically do away with unfair dismissal outright, the government now wants 
to – quietly – make it worthless, says Any

11 Jun 2012

Employment update

Sue Ashtiany considers the provisions of the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill, the right to representation during the disciplinary process, employers’ contractual obligations an

11 Jun 2012