Tribunals & Courts

Sacked footballer sues former employer after fake sheikh setup

Club says player's behaviour amounted to gross misconduct, irrespective of potential crimina

27 Nov 2014 | Tribunals & Courts

Overtime should count in holiday pay

Businesses may 'take action' against government for failure to implement E

05 Nov 2014 | Tribunals & Courts

Former solicitor sues former firm for disability discrimination

Claimant alleged to have had 'problems' with a female member o

16 Oct 2014 | Tribunals & Courts

Employees are to be held to period of notice and post-termination restrictions, High Court rules

Employment practitioners say Sunrise Brokers v Rodgers clarifies basic principle of 'no work, n

01 Aug 2014 | Tribunals & Courts

Changing times in employment law

The fall in employment tribunal claims has led to a drop in incoming work and means that lawyers need to adapt their approach, says Fion

23 Jun 2014 | Tribunals & Courts

For fairness and good reason

Allowing staff the right to choose their companion in disciplinary meetings can help employers in the long run, says Victori

29 Apr 2014 | Tribunals & Courts

The number of employment tribunal claims is an ambiguous one

Fees, the economy, ACAS conciliation and client service all play a part, says Louis

08 Apr 2014 | Tribunals & Courts

Employment update

Stephen Levinson examines the impact of the introduction of fees on tribuna

18 Mar 2014 | Tribunals & Courts

What Magna Carta legacy?

It took this government less than 12 months to wipe out 800 years of progress since the Magna Carta. So much for celebrating the rule of law, says Kerr

06 Mar 2014 | EU & International

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