Contracts & Rights

An employment perspective

Nick Wilcox discusses just how the PRA and FCA will achieve their aim of moving liability from the corporate to the individual, and how it will affect employmen

Trade Union Bill risks seeming like overkill

Sean Jones QC catches up with legislative developments affecting employment lawyers, including the national living wage and voting restrictions for trad

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'Multinational corporations are not above the law,' says Greenpeace's E

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Government plans are 'unnecessarily complicated' and unhelpful to employees an

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Non-EEA lawyers make significant contribution to UK’s economy, says Law Societ

Employee emails: No snooper’s charter

In B?rbulescu v Romania (Application No 61496/08), the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) had to determine whether an employer was entitled to monitor an employee’s private electroni

Return of the MAC

Rajiv Naik and Annabel Bennett consider the Migration Advisory Committee independent review of tier 2 visas and what it may mean for U