Practice Notes: Education

Education update

Nicole Henham reflects on the introduction of the new Children and Families Act 2014 and the effect it will have on special need

23 Sep 2014

Education update

Universities failing to provide for students with disabilities is a growing litigation minefield, warns Jami

27 May 2014

Education law update

Salima Mawji and Abla O’Callaghan ask when is pursuing a contractual claim an abuse of process in higher educatio

20 Feb 2014

Update | Education: international students and cultural differences

International students dealing with cultural differences are suffering both academically and emotionally in our university system, says Salim

20 Sep 2013

Update | Education: disability discrimination at university

Salima Mawji considers the rising trend of disability discrimination a

24 May 2013

Update | Education: Is plagiarism a strict liability offence?

Salima Mawji and Asma Nizami ask if ?plagiarism is a strict liabilit

22 Feb 2013

Libel damages intended to ‘compensate rather than punish’, LCJ says

Baby P's father has compensation cut from 75,000 t

31 Oct 2012

Update | Education: complaining against higher education bodies

Salima Mawji assesses 
the effectiveness of the 
new complaint procedure against higher education bodies and the role of the independent adjudicato

24 Sep 2012

Education law update: school exclusions

Anita Chopra examines 
the key changes to the 
rules on exclusions, and their impact on schools, pupils and parent

25 May 2012

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