Practice Notes: Education

The end of in loco parentis in negligence

The courts now have a degree of flexibility to apply to the facts of a case, writes Michae

17 Aug 2016

The rights of children with mental disorders

Jenni Richards QC and Victoria Butler-Cole examine a recent case on the extent of parental consent to deprivation of liberty and consider the issue in rela

23 Feb 2016

NUS issues High Court challenge over plans to scrap grants

Sajid Javid 'fails to meet' union requests to provide detail of equalit

08 Oct 2015

NUS launches legal action over government plan to scrap maintenance grants

The government has reneged on commitments given to the Equality and Human Rights Commission, says Bindman

24 Sep 2015

Supreme Court rules government student loan scheme is disproportionate

Department for Business Innovation and Skills did not consider the impact of immigration-related blanket ban for student loans on young people with strong

30 Jul 2015

Supreme Court will decide whether government loan scheme is discriminatory

Young people to peacefully demonstrate against student loans policy while they await judges'

23 Jun 2015

High Court quashes council’s discriminatory Catholic school transport policy

Swansea City Council defended its policy by saying those children affected were 'statisticall

22 May 2015

Inflexible policies

Rishi Mital and Matthew Wyard discuss the legality of the Nursing and Midwifery Council's time limits for the completion of degre

23 Feb 2015

Education update

Nicole Henham reflects on the introduction of the new Children and Families Act 2014 and the effect it will have on special need

23 Sep 2014

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