Practice Notes: Education

Foul language, hatred, disrepute and ridicule

Two recent libel pay-outs to individuals regarded as role models illustrate the danger of libel being exposed to ridicule and contempt, says Ro

25 Nov 2008

Update: landlord and tenant

Milton McIntosh reviews the latest cases relating to oral agreements, rent review arbitrations, damages claims and forfeiture of deposit where assignments

04 Nov 2008

Prevention and cure

Family courts have a wide choice of instruments to prevent child abduction but without further policy reforms these will not always afford sufficient prote

21 Oct 2008

The claims e-revolution

The use of technology in court is now so easy and inexpensive that some judges even disallow court fees, says Edwin

16 Sep 2008

Lambs to the slaughter

The credit crunch is expected to lead to a rise in claims against solicitors, placing added pressure on professional indemnity cover, but Rionne Preuveneer

18 Aug 2008

Practice makes perfect

Law courses that offer more practical elements to help to prepare students for the rigours of practice should be embraced as attractive to students and emp

29 Jul 2008

An active regulator

The SRA’s tough new approach to regulation is too intrusive, says Davi

17 Jun 2008

Knife through the stereotypes

ARound about the time I was still doing juvenile court crime – like delinquency, a practice one hopes to grow out of – the fashion was to blame all society

17 Jun 2008

Cafcass blighted by understaffing and poor training, say family lawyers

Family lawyers in the South East have expressed little surprise at Ofsted’s criticism of Cafcass services in the region but say the findings reflect unfair

03 Jun 2008

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