Practice Notes: Education

Public benefit challenge 'difficult', lawyers say

The Independent Schools Council, the body representing fee-paying schools, would face difficulties

18 Aug 2009

Causing a stir

The House of Lords has relaxed the rules on the admissibility of evidence of pre-contractual

28 Jul 2009

JAC and Attorney General unscathed by latest constitutional shake-up

The Judicial Appointments Commission and Attorney General have both emerged unscathed as the

28 Jul 2009

Paper value

Prenups are getting closer to being worth the paper they are written on but the Law Commission will

21 Jul 2009

Ethos and ethnicity

The ruling on the definition of Jewishness is likely to have consequences for the broader education

14 Jul 2009

Piggy in the middle

The Employment Appeal Tribunal has clarified that 'piggyback' claims can be brought but it has left

14 Jul 2009

“Purdy amendment” likely to be delayed

The proposed “Purdy amendment” to the Coroners and Justice Bill, which would legalise assisted

07 Jul 2009

A framework, not a straitjacket

New guidance out for consultation on end-of-life medical care will help to clarify patients’

07 Jul 2009

Jewish school's admissions policy discriminates on race grounds

A Jewish school’s admissions policy requiring applicants to have a Jewish mother has been ruled

30 Jun 2009

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