Practice Notes: Education

Plotting an escape

Time-barred claimants who brought proceedings against the wrong defendant by mistake may be allowed to pursue their cases, but the circumstances need furth

26 Jan 2010

Update: employment

Sue Ashtiany reviews cases on age discrimination and default retirement age, upper age limit for applicants, evidential issues, and religious or belie

26 Jan 2010

Doubts over LSC's new civil contract timetable

The Law Society has said it is "very doubtful" whether there is enough time for the new civil legal aid contracts to be introduced in October after the LSC

19 Jan 2010

Maximum age for firefighters not discriminatory

Imposing a maximum age requirement for firefighters was designed to ensure operational capacity and was therefore a lawful exemption from the ban on age di

12 Jan 2010

Are you sitting comfortably?

The position of many claimants in actions against the police remains far from comfortable, despite the decision in Hoare, as they face several uncertaintie

12 Jan 2010

Attorney General tackles arrest warrant anger

Baroness Scotland, the Attorney General, has attempted to calm the storm provoked by the decision of a district judge in London to issue an arrest warrant

12 Jan 2010

Danish scientist latest victim of "libel tourism"

General Electric is preparing to sue a Danish scientist in the English courts for libel over comments he made about a drug manufactured by the multinationa

21 Dec 2009

Jewish school loses admissions policy challenge

One of the oldest Jewish schools in England has lost its appeal against a Court of Appeal ruling that its admissions policy breached race discriminatio

16 Dec 2009

Update: family (children)

Noel Arnold discusses cases on parenthood in residence and contact proceedings, section 91(14) orders and further clarification of the test for interi

08 Dec 2009

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