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Calls for ADR renewed as ‘Divorce Month’ begins

Family charity calls for greater take-up of out-of-court options for separatin

03 Jan 2017

Is your contribution 'special' enough?

The case law on special contributions shows the court has set the threshold inordinately high for parties seeking to deviate from equality, writes Lar

23 Dec 2016

Family law themes of the year

Sarah Hutchinson and Elizabeth Burch discuss key family cases, including developments in the law on nuptial agreements and the emphasis on the voice of the

22 Dec 2016

Rise in work for family lawyers despite low divorce rate

Solicitors attribute falling figures to rise in cohabitation and legal ai

06 Dec 2016

The government needs to be brave and introduce no fault divorce

Removing fault from online proceedings could ease the courts’ administrative burden and lowe

21 Nov 2016

Never work with animals?

Pet nups are on the rise as exes seek clarity over ownership upo

18 Nov 2016

The journalese of divorce

The law recognises the length of a marriage and relevance of non-financial contributions, so why doesn’t the media, asks Pipp

01 Nov 2016

Promoting ‘out of court’ divorce

The courts are no longer viewed as places for determining disputes, but as valuable real estate to be plundered, writes Marily

01 Nov 2016

Four out of five couples ignore divorce law

MIAMs will not be effective until 2022, suggesting an ‘embarrassing failure’ of governmen

13 Oct 2016


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