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International pension issues on divorce

Charlotte Symes discusses the procedure for obtaining an English pension-sharing order where a couple have divorce

04 Apr 2017

There are no winners in Owens v Owens

Calls for no-fault divorce are likely to fall on deaf ears, says Mar

04 Apr 2017

‘Desperately unhappy’ Mrs Owens refused divorce

Munby P laments ‘hypocrisy and lack of intellectual honesty’ of curren

24 Mar 2017

The stellar contribution claim

Is the ‘stellar contribution’ argument fair and just, asks Julia

21 Mar 2017

The importance of business valuations on divorce

As businesses differ, it is important to ascertain their value with care to ensure a fair division of the family wealth, advises Rakes

14 Mar 2017

A rare case of defended divorce

Owens is a reminder of the unnecessary turmoil caused by fault-based divorce, writes Pau

07 Mar 2017

Owens v Owens: New calls for divorce law reform

‘Highly unusual’ case will ‘almost certainly’ renew calls fo

16 Feb 2017

Punishment befitting the crime?

Are tougher sanctions for defaulters on divorce payments orders justified, asks Pau

10 Jan 2017

Full digital divorce process ‘won’t happen any time soon’

Online divorce petition expected to be completed by end of summe

04 Jan 2017


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