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Marriage prep bootcamp: negotiating a prenup

Putting a pre-nuptial agreement together causes almost inevitable tension on a couple about to embark on a lasting relationship, but there are ways of taki

14 May 2019 | Divorce

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Divorce finance: choosing the right litigation funding structure

Funding a divorce places additional strain on spouses but specialist providers can offer a suitable solution, says Georg

08 May 2019 | Divorce

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No more blame game: the end of ‘unreasonable behaviour’ divorces

No-fault divorce will help reduce conflict and speed up family proceedings, says Davi

16 Apr 2019 | Divorce

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Lawyers welcome reform of divorce laws to enable no-fault divorce

The Law Society of England and Wales has welcomed the government’s proposed reforms of divorce law today, after a consultation found family law pract

09 Apr 2019 | Children

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Price of success: the hidden costs of financial dispute resolution hearings

FDRs were going to make divorce proceedings fairer and faster but instead they have led to mechanical lawyering; divorce lawyers must now offer better solu

02 Feb 2019 | Divorce

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Unintended consequences of new divorce petition

New form could lead to an increase in applicants naming a third party out of malice or inadvertence, warns Joh

22 Aug 2017 | Divorce

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One in the eye for the entitlement generation

The Court of Appeal’s decision in Sharp is a modern view on family finance, explains Simo

09 Aug 2017 | Divorce

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You keep the house…

The Supreme Court’s ruling in Birch v Birch highlights the cost of rehousing on divorce cases, explains Haze

07 Aug 2017 | Divorce

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Is the ex-wife expected to work?

Alec Samuels provides an overview of the principal issues to be considered in maintenanc

31 Jul 2017 | Divorce


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