The only way is up

Following a disappointing performance by divorce centres, Pippa Allsop assesses the potential of the online divorc

17 Jul 2019

Successful roll out of Financial Remedies Court project

Eight new Financial Remedies Court (FRC) zones are now successfully operational, Mr Justice Mostyn has confirmed – with further zones to be announced as expansion of the FRC projec

21 Jun 2019

Marriage prep bootcamp: negotiating a prenup

Putting a pre-nuptial agreement together causes almost inevitable tension on a couple about to embark on a lasting relationship, but there are ways of taking the stress out, says Joann

14 May 2019

Divorce finance: choosing the right litigation funding structure

Funding a divorce places additional strain on spouses but specialist providers can offer a suitable solution, says Georg

08 May 2019

No more blame game: the end of ‘unreasonable behaviour’ divorces

No-fault divorce will help reduce conflict and speed up family proceedings, says Davi

16 Apr 2019

Lawyers welcome reform of divorce laws to enable no-fault divorce

The Law Society of England and Wales has welcomed the government’s proposed reforms of divorce law today, after a consultation found family law practitioners to be broadly in support of th

09 Apr 2019

Price of success: the hidden costs of financial dispute resolution hearings

FDRs were going to make divorce proceedings fairer and faster but instead they have led to mechanical lawyering; divorce lawyers must now offer better solutions for clients, says Jame

02 Feb 2019

Unintended consequences of new divorce petition

New form could lead to an increase in applicants naming a third party out of malice or inadvertence, warns Joh

22 Aug 2017

One in the eye for the entitlement generation

The Court of Appeal’s decision in Sharp is a modern view on family finance, explains Simo

09 Aug 2017