Practice Notes: Crime

The metaverse: virtual offences, real world penalties?

Magda Zima considers online sexual offences and VR

07 Jun 2022

Domestic Abuse Act 2021 introduces new non-fatal strangulation offence

Abusers may be imprisoned for up to five years

07 Jun 2022

A criminal justice system on the brink

Abigail Ashford examines the criminal courts in crisis

06 Jun 2022

The Puppy Pupil: On yer feet…

“They’re... looking at ‘their’ 12 custody cases in the list (compared to my

06 Jun 2022

Going postal: the Post Office Horizon scandal

Alec Samuels reflects on Hamilton v Post Office Ltd [2021] EWCA Crim 577

31 May 2022

Sentencing Council publishes revised child sexual offences sentencing guidelines

The new guidelines will take effect on 31 May 2022

17 May 2022

Criminal backlog

The news in 60 seconds 

12 May 2022

Animal cruelty sentencing guidelines

The news in 60 seconds

09 May 2022

Push the button: Fraud by APPF

Mark Kenkre looks at new models of online banking fraud

05 May 2022

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