Practice Notes: Crime

Defence duty: legal A&E? Q&A with Raheema Jamal

Q&A with Raheema Jamal, consultant criminal defence solicitor with London firm, Wainwright

11 Mar 2022

Pre-recorded cross-examination in the fast lane

Jonathan Doak, John Jackson and Debbie Cooper review provision of special measures for vulnerable

03 Mar 2022

DWF successfully defends former CEO of Redcentric Plc accused of misleading the stock market

The former CEO was completely exonerated by a jury after a 14-week trial

15 Feb 2022

The power of proactivity in criminal defence

Matthew Claughton looks at the benefits of pre-charge engagement in criminal cases

31 Jan 2022

Best evidence guide

The MoJ's guidance covers interviewing victims and witnesses and use of special measures

31 Jan 2022

ONS data reveals significant increase in investment fraud

Fraud related to government grants has soared

26 Jan 2022

Courts backlog: Magistrates' given more sentencing powers

The new powers are aimed at easing pressure on the crown courts

19 Jan 2022

New breastfeeding voyeurism offence introduced

Perpetrators face up to two years' imprisonment 

05 Jan 2022

Domestic abuse reporting

The time limit for reporting has been extended

05 Jan 2022

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