Practice Notes: Crime

The public and profession deserve better

From irrational fee arrangements to ill-thought-out consultations on legal services, practitioners may well despair for the future of the criminal justice

29 Sep 2016

Need for evidence causes HMRC to ramp up property raids

New corporate offence of ‘failing to prevent’ tax evasion could fuel upward trend further, say

26 Sep 2016

Pillow talk

In light of Suski and Bala, is it time for parliament to divorce the spousal exemption from the law of conspiracy, asks Richar

21 Sep 2016

Malicious prosecution: A useful weapon in the armoury

Alec Samuels discusses the extension of the tort of malicious prosecution to civil, as well as criminal proceedings, i

21 Sep 2016

Former criminal bar chief wants trade union for lawyers

Solicitors and barristers ‘lumbered with bodies not representing their interests’, says Michael Turne

21 Sep 2016

White collar prosecutions up for first time in five years

Over 600,000 fraud reports in same period but only a 1 per cent increase in prosecution

24 May 2016

SFO’s ‘blockbuster funding’ called into question

White collar crime agency could provide better value for money, repor

24 May 2016

Foreign government requests for fraud information up 62 per cent

Cyber-enabled fraud the largest single category of MLA requests received by the Hom

03 Mar 2016

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