Practice Notes: Crime

Gove’s nonsense: Barristers vs solicitor advocates

Greater opportunities for higher court advocacy and a blurring of lines between professions mean students are more likely to train as solicitors than barri

06 Dec 2016

The defence lawyer’s role in a section 2 interview

Celia Marr and Jennifer Ross discuss new SFO guidance on the presence of lawyers in section 2 interviews, the use of the ‘propensity gateway’, and social m

22 Nov 2016

Lessons on consent

It’s time to lobby again for changes to the law on sexual offences to give complainants a fairer hearing, says Dr Kate Cook in the wake of the second trial

15 Nov 2016

Lawyers offered free training for sex offence cases

Programme will ensure solicitor and barristers help vulnerable witnesses communicat

14 Nov 2016

How sure is sure?

We need a more rigorous definition of ‘beyond reasonable doubt’, argues Clive Staffor

10 Nov 2016

Gradual PACE of change

Claire Hegarty and Irene McMillan consider developments in case law and legislation relating to police powers, including the contentious question of the us

08 Nov 2016

An embarrassing episode

The Legal Aid Agency has finally agreed to reconsider the so-called ‘embarrassment clause’ in the 2017 criminal work contract, but will it take on board st

08 Nov 2016

SRA: Mandatory training of youth court solicitors ‘comes at a cost’

New guidance to help solicitors a ‘step in the right direction’, says youth justic

04 Nov 2016

Sir Henry Brooke: Death penalty not up for debate

‘There will always be people who will want an eye for an eye, but I hope it won’t com

02 Nov 2016

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