Practice Notes: Crime

Government plans for domestic abuse victims a ‘bizarre dichotomy’

Spring Budget pledge comes weeks after proposals to cut fees paid to criminal cour

08 Mar 2017

The careless advocate

Embarrassed senior Scots law adviser guilty of firearm

02 Mar 2017

Putting consumer protection first

The FCA’s recent decision to take criminal action demonstrates its commitment to the regulation of consumer credit and to ensuring that people are working

02 Mar 2017

New bail arrangements under the Policing and Crime Act 2017

The Act should improve decision making and reduce distress and injustice for individuals placed on bail, but further guidance will be needed first, writes

13 Feb 2017

SFO secures largest corporate crime fine

Latest DPA could sound the death knell for self-reporting, says white collar crim

18 Jan 2017

Lawyers split over consultation on reform of corporate crime

‘Failure to prevent’ fraud offence could be an easy political win for Theres

13 Jan 2017

‘Mischievous’ judge bids farewell to court with middle finger salute

Popular silk, His Honour Judge Neil ‘George’ Ford QC, has last laugh at retirement sen

09 Jan 2017

Lawyers share humorous tales of clients’ misdeeds

Fake funeral and indecent exposure feature amon

06 Jan 2017

Identification by photographs

In 1923, SJ considered the admissibility of photographs as identification evidence in th

12 Dec 2016

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