Practice Notes: Crime

Crown court delays

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23 Jan 2023

Law to recognise children born following rape as victims of crime for the first time

England and Wales will be among the first countries in the world to enshrine such recongition in law

20 Jan 2023

Law Society urges lord chancellor to rethink legal aid or face judicial review

Government's 'irrational policy-making' has wide consequences for criminal justice

11 Jan 2023

The will to find a way: POCA and criminal confiscation

Nicola Finnerty, Gemma Tombs and Phil Taylor examine Law Commission reform recommendations on

03 Jan 2023

Leigh Day secures £75,000 settlement for abuse survivor

The compensation relates to historic allegations of sexual abuse and mistreatment

21 Dec 2022

UK special forces: statutory inquiry

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15 Dec 2022

Progress following rape response overhaul

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14 Dec 2022

Hands, face, alcohol trace: hair dye, hand sanitiser and forensic tests

Chaynee Hodgetts scrutinises the risk of false positive alcohol metabolite testing results

13 Dec 2022

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