Practice Notes: Crime

CBA: Solicitor advocates better than barristers in youth court

Youth justice lessons not learnt 18 years after Bulger trial, says Doughty Stree

15 May 2017

The new pre-charge bail regime

Claire Hegarty and Irene McMillan discuss the changes, particularly in relation to bail, made to PACE and a recent case on the necessity o

15 May 2017

A trial of realism?

New series to reveal the inner workings of the criminal justic

12 May 2017

MoJ ‘fiddling while Rome burns’ with extended court hours pilot

‘It is hard enough to juggle work and home without evening sittings,’ say

11 May 2017

Not-for-profit crime firm ‘slays the lie’ that solicitors are in it for the money

Cooperative and community interest company launched by ex-Bindman

11 May 2017

Private prosecutions and the shape of things to come

Criticism of charities’ right to prosecute alleged offenders is short-sighted and ignores the nature of justice, writes Melink

10 May 2017

Walking the tightrope of compliance

The Law Society has struck back on the SFO’s section 2 interviews, but to what effect, wonders Mai

08 May 2017

Lawyers, banks, and NGOs join forces to fight human trafficking

Thomson Reuters Foundation launches new toolkit to scrutinise financia

04 May 2017

Teaching about FGM

Dr Kate Cook urges solicitors to be more aware about a practice that has no place in ou

04 May 2017

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