Practice Notes: Crime

Harper’s Law: mandatory life sentences for those who kill emergency workers

The new law is the result of a tireless campaign by the widow of PC Andrew Harper

24 Nov 2021

Trials and tribulations: A career in the criminal courts

Chaynee Hodgetts interviews Nigel Lithman QC, retired Circuit Judge and author

07 Nov 2021

Pandora Papers: Waking up or sleepwalking?

Niall Hearty argues the Pandora Papers scandal is a wake-up call for European authorities

05 Nov 2021

The trials and persecution of British soldiers – Overseas Operations (Service Personnel and Veterans) Act 2021

Alec Samuels considers recently introduced military law and shares his view that more leniency should be given to British soldiers.

05 Nov 2021

Plugging crime’s brain drain

Stephen Halloran considers how firms can recruit and attract the next generation of criminal lawyers

05 Nov 2021

A life of crime…

Patrick Horan reflects on what he has learned from his clients in criminal defence

05 Nov 2021

How Big Tech platforms have turbocharged investment fraud

Mark Kenkre explores how fraudulent investment schemes have proliferated, and how social media companies may be profiting from them.  

01 Nov 2021

Controlling or coercive behaviour in an intimate relationship

Anthony Burton and Mark Soames examine how controlling and coercive behaviour may be prosecuted as non-sexual abuse in a relationship

22 Oct 2021

Hot stuff?: Fireworks, forensics, & familiarising lawyers with science

Chaynee Hodgetts considers the subject of forensic education for lawyers

04 Oct 2021

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