Practice Notes: Costs

‘Overly convoluted’ costs bill not needed, say costs lawyers

ACL launches ‘more workable’ and less rigid bill of costs to counter practitioners

05 Dec 2016

Keeping it in proportion

Setting and keeping costs budgets are a good discipline, even where this isn’t mandatory and however unclear the rules may be, says Matthe

29 Nov 2016

On the (costs) buses

Clarity over CPR 3.18 remains elusive while district judges approach the assessment of costs in differing ways, writes Davi

23 Nov 2016

Lawyers and clients disagree over ‘value for money’

Latest statistics reveal difference of opinion on the service offered t

10 Oct 2016

Costs budgeting after Sarpd

David Cooper discusses the confusion surrounding incurred costs that the Court of Appeal decision has created fo

04 Oct 2016

Paying the court piper

Rebecca Williams considers what comes next for practitioners following the Lewis, Bhatti, and Glenluce Fishing Co Lt

27 Sep 2016

Fixed costs: Bad news or bad news?

With the spectre of fixed costs in civil litigation looming, Julian Oldfield warns firms to start preparing now for changes to the way they practice and th

12 Sep 2016

Illegality re-examined

Richard Hayes and Oliver Hyams consider whether the public policy approach taken by the Supreme Court in Patel v Mirza has clarified the law o

12 Sep 2016

Tackling challenges for attorneys and deputies

Costs can be a particular issue for professional attorneys and deputies, so following best-practice guidance is a must, advises Margare

07 Sep 2016

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