Practice Notes: Costs

Update: local government

Christopher Baker discusses bias and manifesto policies, contracts and fettering discretion,

13 Oct 2006

Managing mediators

Paul Newman asks: if mediation is such a worthwhile ADR mechanism, why do we need an awarenes

06 Oct 2006

Ongoing care

There's more to determining responsibility for paying for ongoing care than avoiding double cost

29 Sep 2006

Civil litigation brief

Gordon Exall examines the changes in relation to actions by and against partnerships introduced by

29 Sep 2006

Cheap talk?

Claimants should take the duty to negotiate under the 41st update to the Civil Procedure Rules 1998

22 Sep 2006

Keeping control

Costs capping is likely to be extended beyond group litigation, but, Simon Brown asks, will it

15 Sep 2006

Madonna complex

By reversing the Court of Appeal's judgment in Re G (children), the Lords have marginalised the

25 Aug 2006

No alternative?

The principles laid down in Myatt and Garrett will lead to another round in the costs war, says Bret

25 Aug 2006

Litigation tactics

Martin Iller explores the limits of the ‘without prejudice' rule i

18 Aug 2006

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