Practice Notes: Costs

Litigation tactics

Martin Iller explores the limits of the ‘without prejudice’ rule i

18 Aug 2006

Feeling aggrieved

Do aggrieved employees have to follow a specific procedure for their claims? Esther Morri

28 Jul 2006

Solomon's judgment

The Official Solicitor’s costs in representing a patient’s best interests can be significant.

28 Jul 2006

Due diligence and Historic Buildings

Local authorities are sharpening their strategy to prosecute property owners for breach of planning

21 Jul 2006

At what cost?

Does the predictable costs regime fulfil its objective of reducing costs? Elliot Gol

07 Jul 2006

Cost control

Cost orders against third parties are becoming more widely available, as Daniel Kid

30 Jun 2006

Bill on wills

Owen Clutton reports on welcome changes to the Finance Bill concerning taxation of trusts an

30 Jun 2006

Charity ends at home

Has X v A changed the principles established by Clore 40 years ago? Nicholas Le Poidevi

30 Jun 2006

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