Practice Notes: Costs

The dangers of fixed costs litigation

The City of London Law Society’s submission should anchor the debate on the proposed FRC extension, argues And

21 Feb 2017

Back to basics

As the pressure to reduce the costs of litigation increases, Francis Kendall advises practitioners to look closely at petty disbursements at the budgetin

14 Feb 2017

Fixed costs would be ‘perverse’ and ‘unworkable’

Lawyers react to proposals that would incentivise undesirable defendan

30 Jan 2017

The way ahead for costs

Done properly, an electronic bill of costs can offer significant benefits to parties, judges, and lawyers alike, argues Iai

24 Jan 2017

Disclosure: Time for a change

The rules on disclosure should be revised to make electronic documents the norm and make it easier for the process to be tailored to the individual case, a

10 Jan 2017

The relationship between budget and assessment

The disharmony between Merrix and SARPD shows that, until the court clarifies discrepancies in the CPR, cost recovery will remain unpredictable, explains T

19 Dec 2016

Pre-action conduct in commercial disputes

The introduction of the pre-action protocol has significantly reduced the prospect of being ‘ambushed’ by proceedings in Northern Ireland, explains Amand

19 Dec 2016

PI practices brace for change

Lawyers hope marketplace reforms in 2017 aren’t ‘done deals’, despite evidence to th

15 Dec 2016

CMCs and McKenzie Friends not the answer to PI reform

Lord Chancellor invited to meet claimants who would be stifled by Mo

12 Dec 2016

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