Practice Notes: Costs

Costs comeback

Kerry Underwood considers how the costs landscape appears set to change in the coming months

06 Jul 2020

Guideline hourly rates to be reviewed and updated

A long-awaited review into the solicitors’ guideline hourly rates is underway following

17 Apr 2020

By the hour

The courts are starting to recognise that the guideline hourly rates need updating, says Francis

25 Feb 2020

No equality of arms

The hostile costs environment is unfair to solicitors facing regulatory investigation and SDT

10 Feb 2020

Playing Ball

Francis Kendall argues the case for reviewing and increasing the guideline hourly rates after 10

01 Jan 2020

The cost of solicitors' bills

There are opportunities for costs lawyers in challenging solicitors' bills, but Claire Green says

02 Oct 2019

Better budgeting

There are opportunities for costs lawyers in challenging solicitors’ bills, but Claire Green

01 Oct 2019

Fighting apathy: the data behind costs reforms

With the government intending to extend fixed recoverable costs further, it's essential litigators

08 May 2019

MOJ launches fixed recoverable costs consultation

The Ministry of Justice has launched a consultation on extending fixed recoverable costs (FRC) in

28 Mar 2019

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