High Court rejects lawyers’ bid to recover £1m advertising costs

Solicitors' advertising costs in BA group litigation are the cost of getting the business in and not recoverable

08 Feb 2021 | Costs

Increase guideline hourly rate by 35 pc, says judge

Guideline hourly rates (GHR) should be increased by 35% to reflect inflation pending the outcome of a review, a High Court has said

04 Dec 2020 | Costs

A matter of interest

Kerry Underwood analyses conflicting costs rulings on interest

13 Oct 2020 | Costs

Understanding Part 36, from day one

Kerry Underwood argues the case for day one Part 36 offers, in almost any instance

09 Sep 2020 | Costs

Shortcomings in costs

Claire Green says costs work should be the preserve of regulated costs professionals

09 Sep 2020 | Costs

Innovating costs

A roundtable discussion found that the electronic bill of costs opens up new opportunities, as Claire Green explains

03 Sep 2020 | Costs

Balancing the books

A recent costs decision is notable for some bizarre submissions to the court, says Kerry Underwood

26 Aug 2020 | Costs

Costs comeback

Kerry Underwood considers how the costs landscape appears set to change in the coming months

06 Jul 2020 | Costs

Guideline hourly rates to be reviewed and updated

A long-awaited review into the solicitors’ guideline hourly rates is underway following mounting pressure from lawyers and judges

17 Apr 2020 | Costs

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