Practice Notes: Conveyancing

Law Commission confirms validity of electronic signatures

The Law Commission has confirmed that electronic signatures can be used to execute documents and are, in most cases, a viable alternative to handwritte

12 Sep 2019

Regulate property agents with sweeping reforms, says working group

Property agencies should be regulated by a new independent property-agent regulator and made subject to a code of practice, an independent working group ha

20 Jul 2019

Laws of attraction

Nicola Laver discovers how conveyancing firms can exploit the price transparency rules to attrac

18 Jun 2019

Form with function: using a consistent ‘key features’ document

A new form designed and endorsed by property specialist bodies is already addressing concerns around leasehold and supporting a move to managed freehold, s

01 May 2019

Property to the people: making commonhold mainstream

It’s time new rules were introduced to make commonhold a popular ownership model, says Bet

07 Mar 2019

In a spin

Anti-money laundering procedures are going under the microscope in 2019. Hannah Gannagé-Stewart looks at why no firm is exempt from needing top-notch AML c

01 Mar 2019

Conveyancing Association updates fraud protocols

The Conveyancing Association (CA) has updated its Cyberfraud and Fraud Protocol including feedback from the National Cyber Security Centr

04 Feb 2019

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