Practice Notes: Conveyancing

Showing interest

A little known form for social enterprise: Rosie Parr discusses the community interest company (CIC

16 Feb 2007

Update: agriculture

William Barr looks at inheritance tax and agricultural property relief after Antrobus 2, an

09 Feb 2007

Drawing the line

In boundary disputes where the original conveyance is not clear, the Court of Appeal has ruled that

19 Jan 2007

What's a house?

The Court of Appeal has determined what constitutes a ‘house' for the purposes of exercising the

12 Jan 2007

Cadman confusion

Cadman has clarified some issues in equal pay claims, but still leaves tribunals to deal with many

15 Dec 2006

Land Registry plans

New leases registered with the Land Registry must be accompanied by an approved plan. And it's not

18 Aug 2006

Calculating support

Child maintenance calculation will be fairer after Smith v Smith, but it's only half the battle,

18 Aug 2006

Illegal cohabitants

A recent ruling could herald a radical change to the assessment of dependency claims by foreign

18 Aug 2006

No limits

The Lords' ruling in Sephton provides welcome clarification of limitation rules in negligence

28 Jul 2006

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