Practice Notes: Conveyancing

Big money divorce

Patricia Hollings and Nisha Aggarwal look at the impact on ‘big money’ divorces following a short marriage and the limits on a wife’s award when assessin

06 May 2008

East Midlands: quiet revolution in Lincoln

Lawyers in Lincolnshire have been spared the commoditisation frenzy but it will come one day and firms are getting prepared, says Jean-Yve

08 Apr 2008

E-conveyancing – what comes next?

What does the future hold for e-conveyancing services, how are they likely to be accessed and what are the potential implications for firms, asks Jane

02 Nov 2007

Update: IT and intellectual property

Susan Singleton summarises recent developments in the areas of data protection, privacy, patents, copyright and trad

28 Sep 2007

Learn by trial and terror

Prejudice, lack of resources and the reluctance of witnesses are only a few of the problems encountered by lawyers acting for defendants in trials of terro

01 Sep 2007

A question of ownership versus possession

Robert Leonard considers the problems of correcting a land register while not changing the situation on th

10 Aug 2007

Clinical negligence and PI

Dr Jock Mackenzie on causation and general practitioners, and Vijay Ganapathy on success fees, ex turpi causa and untraced driver

03 Aug 2007

Picking up the bill

Should shareholders’ interests take precedence over the polluter-pays principle? Jean-Yves Gilg reports on the aftermath of the Transc

13 Jul 2007

An independent personal service provision

A number of recent changes to the searches’ market mean that it is set to become much more competitive and conveyancers will be able to make use of better

29 Jun 2007

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