Legal Practice for Solicitors and Lawyers: Commercial

The game is up for tax treaty shopping

International accord a ‘nail in the coffin’ for corporate tax avoidance schemes, says Cit

08 Jun 2017

The business rates revaluation storm

Colette Krawczyk considers the impact of the recent revaluation on occupiers and landlords and the relief

07 Jun 2017

Directors' duties and share purchase agreements

Debbie King discusses a trio of recent cases relating to the complex area of directors’ duties and the importance of carefully wording any indemnity clause

05 Jun 2017

IT failure will cost British Airways ‘heavily’

Group litigation ‘very unlikely’ unless airline doesn’t pay up, say

30 May 2017

Law Society abused dominant position over CQS training courses

Chancery Lane maintains decisions were taken in good faith and in the publi

26 May 2017

Commercial litigation: Asset-stripping and judgment avoidance

The ruling in Marex Financials provides a new useful tool against third parties dissipating a judgment debtor's assets, says Leig

26 May 2017

Interpretation of contract: look at the quality of the drafting

In striking a balance between competing interpretations the court must consider the quality of the drafting of a clause. Alec Samuels considers Wood v Capi

23 May 2017

Data protection, client information, and subject access requests

Jonathan Swift QC considers the lines of defence available to firms faced with a subject access request, and whether they should be treated as data control

22 May 2017

Under threat: fighting off intellectual property litigation bullies

Simon Miles considers the changes to the law on unjustified threats introduced by the Intellectual Property (Unjustified Threats) Ac

15 May 2017

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