Legal Practice for Solicitors and Lawyers: Commercial

Consortium launches no-win, no-fee commercial litigation

A consortium of high street law firms is extending PI-style ‘no-win, no-fee’ litigation to commercia

14 Aug 2019

Coastal real estate: key issues around marine licensing and harbour limits

Solicitors who have clients owning, developing or looking to purchase property or land around the coast of Britain need to consider a range of additional l

31 Jul 2019

SMEs lose out as legal system set up for big business, says research

Up to 2.4m small and medium sized businesses (SMEs), start-ups and the self-employed are being let down by the legal system and could be falling into a leg

29 Jul 2019

Traditional partnerships versus LLPs: do partners have the same rights?

While there are benefits to the LLP model, Daniel Sutherland warns those considering making the switch from a traditional partnership to draft their member

08 May 2019

Will ‘Cliff’s Law’ really enhance privacy rights?

Neither the Cliff Richard ruling nor the subsequent eponymous bill are likely to dramatically improve the rights of individuals under investigation against

06 Apr 2019

No second-guessing

Timothy Collingwood considers the lessons learned from the case of Carlyle

12 Sep 2017

Lord Neuberger: Bringing the common law out of the shadows

The outgoing Supreme Court president talks to Jean-Yves Gilg about pushing boundaries and greate

14 Aug 2017

I ain’t sayin’ he’s a gold digger…

But court costs can be a high price to pay for some positive PR, writes Dougla

08 Aug 2017

Is there a contract if the parties have been drinking?

Fiona Parry considers whether a defence of“but I had been drinking”will suffice to avoid

07 Aug 2017

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