Practice Notes: Commercial

How to navigate an overage agreement

Mithun Rabheru and Bill Bidder explore the various types of overage agreements and their clauses.

12 Oct 2021

CMA closes probe into airline covid-19 refunds due to 'lack of clarity in the law'

The CMA hopes consumer protection law will be "clarified" to address uncertainty

08 Oct 2021

Legal services and the road to the UK-Australia trade deal

Anne Bodley and Catherine Brims argue that finalising a UK-Australia trade deal could benefit both

05 Oct 2021

Commercial developments in Kenya

Richard Harney assesses how changes in Kenya’s commercial laws have enabled business to

05 Oct 2021

Late payment stress

83 per cent of legal businesses surveyed reported stress, anxiety and/or depression related to late

20 Sep 2021

Landmark ruling: electronically supplied software constitutes 'sale of goods' under Commercial Agents Regs

Decision has significant implications for software resellers

16 Sep 2021

End to temporary insolvency measures comes with a 'twist' for creditors

Significant increase in debt threshold for a winding up petition will leave many creditors

10 Sep 2021

Whiteboard tools: Why they should be part of the legal toolkit

Jack Shepherd explores how whiteboard tools can be an effective and accessible resource for the

05 Sep 2021

DWF advises consortium on 'milestone' oil and gas deal

'Complexity and strategical importance of this deal cannot be understated', said

02 Sep 2021

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