Practice Notes: Commercial

Commonwealth to tackle corruption with compliance kitemark

Patricia Scotland QC announces creation of Commonwealth office for justic

20 Apr 2016

Brexit and the threat to recruiting from the continent

Difficulties in hiring low-skilled workers from a British labour market and ?transitional periods for employees are real concerns for the UK employer not i

19 Apr 2016

Junior doctors issue High Court legal challenge

Medics aim to raise emergency funding to provide security for governmen

18 Apr 2016

A reminder of the use of endeavours clauses

The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry, says Celin

12 Apr 2016

PSC register introduced to increase trust in company owners with ‘significant control’

Latest step to heighten transparency gives firms chance to re-evaluate managemen

06 Apr 2016

Panama Papers: Outgoing employees pose risk to firms, remind lawyers

'Do you need to keep the employee in the business for six months when they could caus

06 Apr 2016

All aboard the new insolvency express

Stephen Allinson reflects on the new fee regime and the operation of the Pre-Pack Poo

05 Apr 2016

Trunki: Registered design law clarified

Following the suitcase designer’s loss in the Supreme Court, John Coldham considers the current law on community registere

29 Mar 2016

Easements: A leisurely pursuit

Annabel Cox, Peter Selwyn, and Laura Williamson advise on what can and cannot be classed as an easement, new property measurement standards, and 

24 Mar 2016

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