Practice Notes: Commercial

How will TTIP affect business?

Notwithstanding the Brexit vote, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) may still come to fruition by the end of the year, creating a st

04 Jul 2016

Fundraising is still big news for the charity sector

Sarah Clune considers various legal developments that will affect charities in the coming months, including the introduction of the Charities Act and the

28 Jun 2016

Quinn Emanuel files €700m lawsuit against Volkswagen

VW case a litmus test for German capital markets law, says Hamburg managin

21 Jun 2016

Hidden loot, opaque trusts, and missing legacies

Adam Carvalho and Oliver Piper consider the proposed new register of foreign company beneficial owners and discuss two recently reporte

20 Jun 2016

One-third of EU SMEs suffer from IP infringement

Three in five firms say that securing their intellectual property rights was a positiv

14 Jun 2016

UK business and immigration: A rocky road ahead

Businesses and law firms alike will need to include immigration on their agendas over the coming year, advises Raji

13 Jun 2016

Employment rights: An unseen iceberg in the Brexit debate

Snigdha Nag considers the employment law rights of millions of UK workers to be the number one hidden issue ahead of the E

13 Jun 2016

IP litigation and Brexit

Giovanni Guglielmetti and Marco Blei discuss how the outcome of the referendum could affect the new EU-wide paten

13 Jun 2016

Professional bodies best placed to tackle money laundering, says Law Society

SRA claims for independence from Chancery Lane rebutted in ongoing regulator

08 Jun 2016

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